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Farewell To The Legend

At the end of 2018, Raymond van Barneveld, also known as Barney, announced his retirement as a professional darts player. To celebrate Raymond van Barneveld’s farewell and career, the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, will be renamed the ‘Barney Dome’ on Saturday February 8, 2020 and will be the backdrop for an evening full of darts, memories, entertainment, music and friends of RVB from both in and out of the darting world.

VIP packages are also available for this farewell event. The so-called "501 package" includes a unique one-off Limited edition set of Target RVB darts as well as dinner in the presence of Barney himself and other legendary darters. These VIP packages are available immediately via

Darts legends -including 16 x World Champion Phil ‘the Power’ Taylor, Wayne Mardle, Martin Adams, Richie Burnett and Bobby George- will be competing against RVB and other international celebrities including Robin Van Persie and Rafael Van der Vaart to win the Barney Dome Cup.

In addition to darts, live entertainment and music will be on show including Dutch rock band Navarone who will perform live during player walk-ons as well as playing some of Raymond's favourite songs for him. The rest of the musical program is still a surprise for Barney.

Furthermore, the evening is filled with memories and impressive highlights from Raymond's life as a professional darts player, that have changed the dart sport forever.

This year, Raymond van Barneveld's impressive professional career comes to an end. On Saturday, February 8, 2020, the Ziggo Dome will be renamed Barney Dome and the entire evening will be dominated by Barney, his career and the sport of darts in general.

VIP packages

There are two exclusive VIP packages available for this one-time-only event in honour of Barney

501 VIP Ticket includes - € 350,00 (incl service costs)

*Beer, wine, soft drinks. From 7pm drinks are available to buy at the bars at common rates for the venue.


301 VIP Ticket includes - € 225,00 (incl service costs)

*Beer, wine, soft drinks. From 7pm drinks are available to buy at the bars at common rates for the venue.



VIP 501 (VIP Table front rows): € 350,00 (incl service costs)

VIP 301 (VIP Table front rows): € 225,00 (incl service costs)

Rang 1 (table on floor): € 130,00 (incl service costs)

Rang 2 (table on floor): € 100,00 (incl service costs)

Rang 3 (table on floor): € 89,60 (incl service costs)

Rang 4: € 66,08 (incl service costs)

Rang 5: € 54,88 (incl service costs)

Rang 6: € 43,68 (incl service costs)

MIVA: € 66,08 (incl service costs)

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